Welcome to Knit Like A Pirate. We're glad ye've caught th' KLAP.

We focus on knittin' and stitched items with a bucanneerin' theme. There be a notable lack of entertainment on the high seas, and we've taken up the crafts of our fore-sailors: knot-tyin' and sailmakin'.

If ye have any questions about our patterns, let us know and we'll work with ye to get th' pattern clear for ye.

We made each pattern up our own selves, so don't go abroad sellin' our handiwork or claimin' it as your own. We'll give ye The Black Spot.

Just in time for our favorite day of the year, we've got a new rogue to add to the gallery. Here be Peg Leg Bess' swashbuckling Tricorn Hat!

Rogue 8

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